My 2017 Walter Peyton Nominee

Consider J.J. Watt. The three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year launched a fund on to raise money for victims of Hurricane Harvey on Aug. 26 with an initial goal of $200,000. At the time, he considered that to be a sizable yet attainable goal. Watt recently closed the fundraiser after raising an astonishing $37,097,298, which is more than 185 times his initial objective.

I am not sure he would want to be on the cover of GQ (consider my other blog titled “The Cover Story May Not Be What You Want”). I think J.J. deserves to be the 2017 Walter Peyton recipient.

He changed a lot of lives. Besides being an outstanding NFL player, he is kind, unselfish, and caring, for all ages, races and genders. His has raised over three-million for 6th – 8th grade after school athletic programs and organizations.

You might say, “Watt more could you ask for?” Who would you nominate for the 2017 Walter Peyton Award?

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